At O Pioneers we are huge believers in circularity and loving your clothes forever.

That's why we have teamed up with SOJO to bring you seamless and affordable alterations and God Forbid(!) if your item needs a repairjustget in touch and we will see what we can do...

Your O Pioneers items can be properly loved for life, whether thats new items you buy now or ones you have in your wardrobe!

Alteration Services

We are covering part of the cost of alterations as part of us standing behind our commitment to 'forever frocks', so it’s only £15 per tweak for example, a shortening of the hem or nipping the waist in.

Simply choose your item, select your service and let our partner SOJO collect and deliver it straight to your door!

Tailor Your Forever Frock Love it Forever

The secret to fabulous frocks lasting longer begins with finding your perfect fit, caring for your items and then repairing them when the time comes.


We usually give up to 2 weeks leeway from when SOJO receives your alteration or repair.

SOJO will be in touch with you separately with their expectation of the length of time to get your items back to you.

In inner London SOJO have their own rider team, with outer London and outside London being handled by their courier partners.

London (Zones 1-2)

When you place an order with SOJO, it will be one of their friendly and skilled cyclists who transports your items to you.

Outside London & Outer London 

SOJO partner with DPD Green for our deliveries which we can't reach by bike. DPD Green uses electric vans, rather than polluting internal combustion engine vehicles.

Drop off at OP

We are able to book in and send off your items from our shop too! If you need anything do pop in and we can sort it out for you.

Follow this link here to show you videos of how to prepare your order for both alterations (pinning/size matching) & reparations

SOJO Order Preparation

Each alteration to your items will cost £15.

We are happy to cover all costs of repairs to items we have reviewed (either through email or in real life).

Please note delivery costs are not incurred in these prices (£4.99).