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Our Philosophy

We want O Pioneers to reflect our core beliefs in slow, sustainable fashion; timeless style; flattering designs; quality making and attention to detail. The antithesis of ‘fast fashion’, O Pioneers is based on the philosophy that if an item of clothing is desirable, well-made and stylishly classic it will be a loved item in a wardrobe that gets revisited time and again, for years to come. 

We actively steer O Pioneers to be a ‘slow fashion’ label with integrity. For us this means:

  • using end of season fabrics and dead stock where possible
  • crafting fabric off-cuts into patchwork and applique that we use in some of our designs
  • working with other female-led businesses and suppliers, thereby supporting women in a still predominantly male-led industry
  • sourcing local seamstresses and craftswomen to make our clothes to reduce mileage and enable collaborative and supportive working relationships
  • maintaining a low stock level to avoid excess
  • utilising minimal, reusable packaging
Using past season and end of line fabrics from quality textile icons such as Liberty, who are members of the Better Cotton Initiative, we focus on making our clothes as individual as possible whilst retaining a very definite O Pioneers vibe. We only make small runs of each item in any particular fabric design or colour-way and we avoid waste wherever possible by using offcuts from the pattern cutting process to create beautiful patchwork and applique embellishments. 

As working mums, it is important to us to collaborate and work with other female businesses and artisans, as we understand the fine balance between work and family. We work with talented women in and around London and beyond, who share our vision and help us create our beautiful dresses and knitwear.

We keep our designs simple – all of our dresses are based on the same bodice block with variations in dress length and sleeve style - and we keep our stock levels low to avoid excess and waste (but do always email us if you can’t find what you want as we can make to order).

Each item of clothing is hand finished, numbered and includes the name of the person who made it.

We have a passion for traditional British crafts and incorporate these skills such as quality dressmaking, hand knitting, patchwork and applique into our collections, all through the lens of our own unique viewpoint.

Individual, quality clothing designed to be loved and cherished for years, because we believe in the mantra, ‘Buy well, buy once’.